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starstarstarstarhalf star 4.9 / 5 | 435 Total Reviews

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"Quoted a price of $150 to clean coils and was told may be more if chemicals are needed. Said Fine, sounds fair. Almost $400 later our coils were cleaned. Feels like more than the coils were cleaned - our wallet too!. This company needs to be more transparent when quoting a price for a simple task."
L . F from Culpeper, VA on June 29th, 2017
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"Able does the best they can when booking appointments over the phone to ensure they understand the total scope of work. This call was scheduled as an air conditioner maintenance call. The office staff quoted the pricing for a one time maintenance visit for an air conditioner only while stating additional charges may be necessary. The work on this system needed to be more extensive than just a maintenance visit. The technician assigned to the call explained the reason for the additional work. He gave pricing for the work before he began, and then waited to receive approval to move forward. Pricing was approved before the technician completed the task. Able does not complete any work unless the customer approves the work and the pricing first. "
- Able Heating & Air, Inc.
"Crew was almost 30 minutes late for an 8:30 appointment. We were told the job would take "15 minutes, tops." It took over an hour. Lights were left on. Doors left open. Very uncharacteristic of Able visits in the past. "
B . W from Jeffersonton, VA on June 15th, 2017
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"Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have addressed the issue with our staff. The owner of Able has also been in contact directly with you to personally get your feedback. We look forward to continuing to service your home in the future."
- Able Heating & Air, Inc.
"I'm a bit puzzled that there was no followup. I had no discussion with the techs after they were done, and since I had approached them explaining our "cold spell" I would have appreciated the chance to discuss. Instead, they seem to have addressed things with my wife, leaving her rather confused. 1) Able installed this system last fall, and during this process looked into zoning. This was explained not to be possible given how the duct work had been done. Why would a tech then recommend doing zoning again? 2) It's been just above 6 months since we started using the system. It's a bit concerning that the upsell has already begun regardless of us getting a very high end model to begin with. 3) The techs were here on time. That's very much appreciated and rare these days. The system has worked great outside of humidity control. As I feared, the controller (Nexia) is not up to par and fails quite often. It doesn't even control humidty nor allow access to details that the system has on the console. I've had the app reset inputs many times, and the app has other design flaws installing features on the phone that drains it (it's geo-location feature is faulty - and on top of not working eats a lot of power - and disabling it is pretty much impossible). Main concern is that it's a subscription service. We discussed our use of NEST prior to the install, and I was disappointed to learn that NEST would not be usable with our Trane model. However, I had more control, history etc. available with a simple NEST, and my wife could change the temperature very easily. All in all, while this was part of the initial service, it's an item I'm looking to replace starting with a new Z-wave hub where adding new features isn't a matter of paying a 3rd party a monthly fee for a few programming moves.Outside of the controller, the system is VERY quiet and effective. It heats/cools the house fast and effective. Outside of cooling the basement "a bit" (10+ degrees more than the rest of the house) much, we are really enjoying the quiet operation. Lots of good advice during the initial process certainly shows we picked a right model from an efficiency perspective. It does however look like the system "ignores" the humidity settings in the winter. It was often at 55% when the high limit said 45% without anything active. Granted, there's no AC running in the winter, but then why present us with a max and a min? This is one of the many examples of the controller having issues. "
P . L from Culpeper, VA on May 11th, 2017
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