3 Tips to Getting the Most From Your HVAC Warranty

3 Tips to Getting the Most From Your HVAC Warranty. Man holding a clip board with warranty paper work.

An HVAC warranty offers you a valuable safety net for servicing and repairing the heating and cooling equipment in your Spotsylvania, Virginia, home.

But keep in mind that not all warranties are created equal!

At Able Heating and Air, we always try to find solutions to help you get the most value from your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or boiler. Are you ready to replace your HVAC equipment? Do you want to purchase an extended warranty to guard against repairs?

Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. Understanding HVAC maintenance plans.
    Just like a car requiring routine oil changes and tune-ups, your HVAC system thrives on consistent professional maintenance. Most manufacturers stipulate annual maintenance performed by qualified technicians as a prerequisite for maintaining warranty validity.

    Skipping this vital step not only jeopardizes your system’s optimal performance but also risks voiding your warranty in case of malfunction. By prioritizing regular maintenance, you safeguard your investment and prevent unnecessary repair costs down the line.

    Want a worry-free way to address HVAC maintenance? Consider investing in a comprehensive company plan like the one offered by Able Heating and Air.
  • Warranties do not protect against DIY mistakes.
    While the urge to tackle home repairs on your own is understandable, venturing into DIY territory within the complex realm of HVAC can be treacherous.

    Even seemingly minor interventions can inadvertently compromise critical components, potentially leading to more extensive and expensive problems. Attempting DIY repairs on your home heating and cooling system while a warranty is active can render it null and void, leaving you without manufacturer support in case of complications.

    For optimal system health and warranty protection, entrust maintenance and repairs to experienced HVAC professionals with the necessary expertise and specialized tools.
  • What your HVAC warranty really covers.
    Want another HVAC warranty tip? Choose a manufacturer that offers comprehensive and extended coverage periods. Scrutinize the individual component warranties, as key parts like heat exchangers might boast longer coverages than coils or compressors.

    Furthermore, seek warranties that encompass both parts and labor, providing complete protection against unexpected repair costs.

    Understand the difference between manufacturer parts coverage and labor warranties often offered by the installer. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and effectively navigate repair situations.

    Remember that most warranties do not cover the wear-and-tear of equipment or acts of nature. You can count on our Able Heating and Air technicians to walk you through all the benefits your HVAC warranty provides.

The Cost of Comfort

Replacing an HVAC system can be a significant financial undertaking. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), homeowners spent between $5,000 and $12,000 on average for a new unit in 2023. The prices vary depending on factors like size and efficiency.

Replacing ductwork can further add to the cost, with an average price of around $2,100 for a single-story, 2,000-square-foot home. Maintaining a valid and comprehensive warranty is a valuable safeguard against replacing your equipment before it reaches the end of its expected service life.

Keep these tips in mind to unlock the full potential of your HVAC warranty, guaranteeing unwavering comfort, optimal performance, and peace of mind throughout the year.

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