Maintenance Plan

PROGRAM BENEFITS Basic Choice Preferred Premium
Monthly Price One-Time Service $125* $25* per System $36* per System $55* per System
21-Point Inspection 1 Visit per Year 2 Visits per Year 2 Visits per Year 2 Visits per Year
Reminder Service
Priority Status (for Emergencies) 24 Hours Same Day Same Day
No Overtime
Preseason Scheduling
Annual Payment Options Available
Tanked Water Heater Maintenance ($127)
ACCA National Standard Task List Includes:
- Blower Wheel Cleaning (Prices Vary)
- Burner Cleaning (Prices Vary)
- Chemically Clean Condensing Coils** (Prices Vary)
- Condensate Treatments (Prices Vary)
- Change Oil Nozzle and Oil Filter***

* Oil furnace and oil boilers maintenance are subject to additional charges. For Choice and Preferred Plans, add $100 to the annual option or add $8 to the monthly option per system with oil.
** Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning is cleaned without removing from the system. Removing coils from the system is a standalone service and will be quoted at the current rates.
*** Filters sold separately.

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