Air Conditioner Repair in Culpeper, VA 22701

“I came home at night to find my ac not working, wasn’t even running. Of course this happened on the hottest day, 97 during the day, and it was close to 80 degrees in my home. So I called Able, who my family has been using for quite some time, around 5-6pm. I spoke with a representative who took my info and told me I’d get a call back once he passed my info on to the team in the morning, which was of course understandable. However I received a call from the owner, maybe 30 minutes later, who said he would head over to take a look and try to get it up and running that night, for a very reasonable service charge. He came over and diagnosed the problem very quickly, fixed it on the spot, again for a reasonable charge. After that my ac turned right back on and have had no issues since.

TLDR: Quick, reliable service, reasonable prices, good communication and customer service. Highly recommend!”

– Micah M.