Dedicated To His Customers

“Greg Venable, President, Able Heating&Air, happened to appear just as my former heat pump system was seeing the end of it’s life. Not only did Greg inspect the system, he indicated that a replacement was in the near future, expressed his opinion of what type of replacement would be satisfactory in my home, and asked me to call when I was ready. It just so happened that during the coldest period in January 2014, I was left using the alternative heat system and Greg came to the rescue, preparing the options and recommendations and indicating when he could perform the install. If there is a word beyond “thorough” it would apply to how he installed the system, redirected the pipes so I would have better heat in my bedroom, and corrected an electrical problem.I would highly recommend an experienced, dedicated, professional like Greg who also has the ability to troubleshoot issues without complaining about the amount of work to be done, or the time involved. He is truly dedicated to his customers. “