Wonderful Day

“What a wonderful day to see the smile that Greg and Josh has on my Mom’s face with her new A/C unit!! She had the old one for almost 20 years and it just so happened that I found Greg Venable online one night when the unit was shutting down. That was a blessing sent to us. Now we have a nice Trane unit that will keep us warm and cool when it’s suppose to be that way. Here are my compliments about Greg’s service. He is very professional at what he does and down to earth to talk to and feel comfortable with. When he came to see what the problem was he did not talk over our heads and actually sat and talked to my Mom for quite sometime until he knew she understood what would be happening with a new unit. I know that he would have stayed as long as it took until he knew she was comfortable. That’s always a plus! NO ONE in my book could have gave my Mom the most reasonable price for all she got. New A/C and heat unit, plus a furnace that she so wanted. He will make sure you get the best deal and not drain your pockets dry. Big points for that!!! Greg will help you with the financing and help you get the best deal with even the smallest detail with the air filters.Also before we even got the unit in today, on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the whole unit died and it was very hot outside. While he is spending quality time with his family, he got his co-worker Josh to come here and fix part of the problem until today at NO charge! Who would do that this day and time? Josh is also a very sweet, professional, polite gentleman who really get’s the job done and makes sure that your satisfied with the work that is done. Great job Josh for all your hard work and for taking your time to keep us cool on a holiday weekend! Greg and Josh are a great team working together. Once they got the job done, they both stuck around to make sure everything was good and that we were happy before they left. They also come back in 2 weeks to make sure everything is going the way it should. Greg inspects everything before and after he does the job and really knows what he is doing and I can tell that him and Josh aim to please the customer more then anything. It’s nice to see that there are still good, honest, hard workers in the world. The whole business is great and I promise you that you won’t be let down at all. I could say so much more but I just want to say, Thank you Greg, Josh, and Tonya for all your help and making me and my Mom very pleased. “