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Air Conditioning

When it comes to the best air conditioning services in Reva, VA, no other company can compare to Able Heating & Air. Our professionals care about providing you with the most efficient top-quality systems.

We aim to please each and every one of our customers, no matter what heating or cooling service they need. Our team will replace, install, repair, and maintain your system to ensure you experience indoor comfort every day of the year.

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Air Ducts

Is air escaping from the air ducts in your Reva, VA, home? If so, it could be time to have a proper inspection and get them repaired by our Able Heating & Air heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals.

We are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your heating and cooling system. If you need air duct installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance, let us help.

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Even with routine boiler maintenance, the truth is nothing lasts forever—not even the boiler in your Reva, VA, home. When the time comes for replacement, just know you can always contact our Able Heating & Air boiler experts.

From installation and replacement to repairs and maintenance, our professionals are equipped with the experience and training to take care of any and all of your boiler needs.

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Commercial Services

Need help after having a problem with the heating and cooling system in your commercial building here in Reva, VA? There’s no need to worry because Able Heating & Air can take care of it. No matter what problem you are having, our professionals will step in, assess the issue, and offer you a solution.

Is it time to replace your system? We are commercial heating and cooling installation experts and can help with that too.

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Ductless Systems

Regardless of what type of ductless system services you need for your Reva, VA, home, Able Heating & Air can help. With our knowledge, expertise, and top-quality service, you will be left with a home that is comfortable year-round. We cater to your specific needs and help you get the right ductless system for the space in your Reva, VA, home.

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No matter what furnace make or model you are looking for as a replacement for the current furnace in your Reva, VA, home, Able Heating & Air can help. We are the experts in the heating and cooling industry and want to offer our assistance to ensure our home is always comfortable for you and your household members.

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Heat Pumps

You no longer have to worry about where to turn for all of your heat pump installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance needs here in Reva, VA, because Able Heating & Air is here to offer you expert services. We are the best in our industry and would be happy to assist with any and all of your needs.

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HVAC Maintenance

Ready for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance program that benefits you and helps extend the life of your system? Able Heating & Air offers exceptional Maintenance Plan maintenance designed to ease your mind by allowing your system to remain in ideal condition year-round.

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Indoor Air Quality

Are you tired of breathing in dust, pollen, dander, lint, and other common allergens in your Reva, VA, home? For optimal indoor air quality (IAQ), reach out to our Able Heating & Air professionals.

We offer a number of products designed to help clean and sanitize the air you breathe. Maximize your indoor home comfort and enjoy cleaner air.

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Residential Generators

For residential generator installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance services around Reva, VA, know you can count on Able Heating & Air. For many years, we have been ensuring families in the area never have to go without their lighting, refrigeration, heating, or cooling—even and especially during an outage. Let us help you choose a generator so you can have the backup power you need during an emergency.

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Zone Control Systems

Want to increase the energy efficiency of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your Reva, VA, home? Opt for a zone control system installation.

By having our Able Heating & Air experts install a zone control system in your home, you can set thermostats in different areas of your home to the temperatures you prefer. Cut your energy expenses by using less heating or cooling for rooms you don’t use as often without having it impact your entire home.

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“Riley is really kind, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. He goes above and beyond. We're really glad to find someone experienced with boilers!”
- Irene F.
One day into this summer’s 95-plus degree heat wave, our 23-year old TRANE heat pump stopped working. A minor repair got it going again, but we saw it as a sign that now was time to replace the aging system. Our number one priority was to find a local service provider who sold TRANE units. We selected Able Heating & Air and couldn’t be more pleased with our choice. They sell quality products and back them up with superb service and installation work. Neil met with us, performed a detailed analysis, and offered a package that would not only replace our existing system, but also solve nagging hotspot problems we had been struggling with for years. This involved replacing the primary heat pump and adding a mini-split unit to address the hotspot issue. First came the mini-split. Joe completed the installation in two days. He was meticulous in every aspect of the procedure and the resulting improvement was immediate. Shortly after, Mike and Greg followed up with replacement of the primary heat pump. The results were nothing less than amazing. Even though the ensuing month was the hottest in memory, our electric bill actually dropped substantially from the same month last year and the temperature level of every area remained cool and constant. The best part of the project was the follow-up service provided by Greg’s team. Remember that this was our primary consideration when selecting a HVAC company. We were not disappointed. As with any retrofit, adjustments were expected. Ours was no exception in that an air duct needed to be modified. Mike and Mark did an expert job of making and installing the needed connection. The result was professional.. We look forward to many years of a perfectly functioning system with continuing service by the staff of Able Heating & Air. They have earned our highest rating and recommendation. – Linda B.
- Linda B.
“I left a Google review but wanted to leave a review here also. Michael was wonderful! Very professional and very knowledgeable! He was able to repair our A/C the day he came out! I was very pleased with everything and will use Able Heating and Air in the future. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Katie S.
- Katie S.
“Destiny and Mike were very friendly, professional and efficient, and took the time to explain what they were doing in this maintenance visit. Great customer relations!” – Monica O.
- Monica O.
“I can’t say enough good things about Liam. He is super professional, courteous, thorough and informative. He clearly explained what repairs were needed, and also gave an assessment of the heating/cooling system overall. In addition, Liam answered my questions about newer systems. He is enthusiastic about his work and the service he is providing. Thank you, Liam!” – Monica O.
- Monica O.
“Very happy with our air conditioner repair today! Mike was very professional & explained everything as he went along. It was a pleasure having him come into our home and taking care of our situation. I would highly recommend using Able Heating and Air!” – Susan K.
- Susan K.
“Mike came out to do a new system check and he was very professional and polite. He performed a complete check on the system and made a few adjustments to improve performance. Excellent service!” – Steve K.
- Steve K.
“Liam just finished doing the first maintenance check since Able installed a complete HVAC system in our home about 6 months ago. We couldn't be happier with the service and the system. Liam was pleasant, informative and thorough–a hallmark of everyone we've come in contact with at Able.” – Jim H.
- Jim H.
“As always the Able Heating and Air team were awesome! Thanks to all of you for the great service this past year, the new system has been great and has cut our propane bill about 60%!Happy Holidays.”