Air Conditioner Maintenance in Culpeper, VA 22701

“Able Heating and Air is great! We had a new Trane heat pump, air handler, and heater installed by a different company. The air handler was noisy – sounded like a truck, which could be heard throughout the house. There was also a grinding noise. The installer couldn't figure out what the issue was. So I called Able Heating and Air in Culpeper, Va. They initially sent out Michael, who verified that the install was okay and signed us up for a maintenance agreement because the cost is very reasonable, and the maintenance diagnostics that they do twice a year is very thorough and should be able to determine what the problem was – because it was continuing to make noise. Seth came out to do the 6 month maintenance (per our maintenance plan) and determined that the issue was that the single thick filter in the air handler was restricting the flow. He recommended installing replaceable filters in the air intakes on each floor and removing the thick filter in the air handler. He also recommended replacing our drain line, which the installer had neglected to do. We agreed to have the changes made. Seth ordered the parts and came out with Liam to do the work on 7/29/2019. The unit is now working perfectly with no noise!!”

– Amy Y.